The second stop of my tour of the ancient cities of Thailand was Lopburi. Lopburi is well known for its population of crab-eating macaques, as well as having ruins of ancient temples.

How to Get There

I was already in Ayutthaya, so I took a day trip to Lopburi on the train. The train ticket was super cheap, as usual on Thai trains. It cost 13 baht one way, then 20 baht to return to Ayutthaya (I guess different train companies charge different prices).  Trains leave Ayutthaya fairly regularly (once every 1-2 hours). The train took over an hour from Ayutthaya to Lopburi.

What to See

Once in Lopburi, the train station is close to many of the ruins, and many can be seen as soon as you step out of the station. Prang Sam Yot is the most popular temple and has a huge population of monkeys. Prang Sam Yot is a Khmer temple, and was originally a Hindu temple but was later converted into a Buddhist temple.

prang sam yot lopburi AlexExplorestheWorld
Prang sam yot lopburi AlexEXplorestheWorld
prang sam yot lopburi AlexEXplorestheWorld
prang sam yot lopburi AlexExplorestheWorld

Entrance to Prang Sam Yot is 50 baht. I was the only visitor and a local lady walked around with me. It soon became apparent that this was to stop the monkeys climbing on me and taking things out of my bag. There were so many monkeys hanging around the temple. A couple managed to climb up my leg but were quickly shooed away.

Aside from seeing the many crab-eating macaques and the old temples, there really isn’s much else to see in Lopburi, which is why I recommend only visiting on a day trip from Ayutthaya.

Around November, the sunflower festival begins, giving tourists something extra to see.

Staying In Lopburi

To be honest, there really wasn’t much happening in Lopburi. It was very quiet, hence why I decided to visit Lopburi as a day trip from Ayutthaya. However, there were hotels on the main street, so if you wanted to stay overnight there are accommodation options.

How did Lopburi compare to Ayutthaya?

Whilst Lopburi is an interesting little town, I don’t think it requires more than a day to explore. Ayutthaya has more to offer in terms of ruins and temples. Lopburi has the novelty of monkeys. Ayutthaya has far more options for food too. Overall, I’d say that Ayutthaya is a more interesting city and defintiely worth a visit.

One more city to go! Stay tuned to see how Sukhothai compared to Ayutthaya and Lopburi.