As soon as I heard about the Kuching Cat Museum, I knew I had to go. Here’s what other travellers had told me about it:

“It’s a bit niche”

“Only go if you really love cats”

“A little bit bizarre”

It sounded perfect.

The Cat Museum is not within walking distance of the other tourist attractions in Kuching, so I took a taxi there. It’s home is in a weird UFO shaped building.

I walked into the UFO building, to find the entrance to the cat museum through the mouth of a giant cat head.

entrance kuching cat museum borneo

Entrance to the Kuching Cat Museum

Entry to the museum is free but there is a fee of 3RM to take pictures on a mobile phone, or 4RM to take pictures on a digital camera.

The first thing I noticed was the giant statues of cats. They’re actually a bit creepy.

statues kuching cat museum

I moved onto the section about cats in Borneo. It was a goldmine of bad taxidermy.

bad taxidermy kuching cat museum

bad taxidermy kuching cat museum


bad taxidermy kuching cat museum

Next up, was the wall of 3D pictures of cats.


All around was cat memorabilia in glass display cases. It was actually quite impressive how much cat memorabilia had been collected. Here’s one example of a display case. Notice Grumpy Cat in the bottom right corner.


Other areas of the museum include; cats in literature, cats in theatre; cats in art and a cat food display (seriously).

You’d be mistaken for thinking that this museum was just a collection of cat memorabila; a few parts were educational. Like, for example, this poster which shows that you can tell the temperature of a room purely based on the way a cat is sleeping:


The final part of the museum consisted of pictures of people with cat tattoos. Alongside this were the different kinds of cat tattoos available and their meanings.

Other notable mentions include: a room dedicated to a lady who collected cat memorabilia, the section about cat funerals and the wall of cat themed greetings cards and postcards.

The Kuching Cat Museum is probably the weirdest place I’ve visited so far on this trip. It’s a great way to spend 45 minutes in Kuching.

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