After leaving Myanmar earlier than originally planned, I decided to go the south of Thailand for some beach time.

Previously I’d visited a few Thai islands, namely Phuket, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao, all known for partying, but this time, I was searching for quieter beaches.

I arrived in Krabi at 9am, fresh off a night bus from Bangkok. My plan was to nap then head to Ao Nang to watch the sunset. Weird how plans don’t quite seem to work out in the south of Thailand.

First, I somehow managed to get roped into having breakfast cocktails with a guy who was waiting for a bus to Koh Samui. Luckily (for me anyway) he left at midday so it couldn’t turn into a day drinking session.

Next, I headed back to the hostel. Still unable to check in, I charged my phone in the lobby. I started talking to a guy who’d planned to go to the Tiger Cave Temple and managed to be talked into going there. Probably not the best idea considering how shattered I was from the night bus.

The Tiger Cave Temple

There’s a few monkeys hanging around the bottom of the steps. They may climb on you. Especially if you’re carrying a water bottle or any kind of snacks.


Don’t be deceived by those cute faces

There’s over 1,200 steps to the top of the Tiger Cave Temple. If you’re in any doubt as to how many this is, it’s a lot. Many TripAdvisor reviewers didn’t complete the ascent. Think over 30 minutes of constant uphill.

tiger cave temple krabi

Just a short climb…

Undeterred, we began the climb. By 300, I was more sweat than human. It was pretty gross. I genuinely didn’t think I’d make it. At 1,000, I regretted not bringing a snack with me.

tiger cave temple selfie krabi

I’ve made a huge mistake

The views from the top were incredible. Even though it was a cloudy day, we could see for miles.



Railey Beach… or not

The next day I’d planned to visit Railey Beach. I went to get some breakfast and whilst eating, a torrential downpour started. I hoped that it would stop pretty quickly, but 2 hours later I was still sitting in the same cafe, hoping the rain would stop. Needless to say, I didn’t make it to Railey Beach. The rain continued to pour or threaten to pour for the rest of the day.


Instead. I checked out some of the many sculptures along the main road in Krabi.

crab statue krabi

Crabs in Krabi. Original, I know.


The two nights I spent in Krabi, I ate at the night market, where the food is cheap (around 50 baht for a meal).

I stayed at Pak-Up Hostel which was in a good location. Other backpackers said good things about Hogwarts, and as a Harry Potter fan, I’m not sure why I didn’t choose that one.

Overall, I enjoyed my short time in Krabi. It does feel like a stop over town, and you rarely meet people staying for over 2 nights. However, there’s plenty to do and see (providing the weather isn’t terrible the whole time you’re there).